Privacy Policy

By using SAP ALL ACCESS accounts every user agrees to the following terms and conditions:

I do not plan to copy, distribute or sell any information that I receive through accessing evaluation SAP Software
I understand that the payment I will provide for Personal BASIS Services include professional services to support evaluation SAP systems, I understand that all SAP instances are under evaluation INITIAL license, though the systems have complete functionality, I intent to use Personal BASIS Services to access evaluation SAP software for my personal reference purposes

I understand that Personal BASIS Services I will be paying for does not include the actual SAP access, it comes free with Personal BASIS Support Services.

I agree that does not care any liabilities for use of information I will have access are limited to the amount of payment for one month of Personal BASIS Service. I understand, that my account can be moved to another system/client, I understand that I can request my account to be moved to ANY other system/client except Premium systems once a month at no charge.

I agree to follow the rules of access:

a. Account sharing is prohibited. One account must be used by only one person. Account will be locked if the user violates the rule and no money refunded.

b. BASIS transactions is not permitted in any system (Like client creation/deletion, profile change, USER Creation). This option is only available to users who request dedicated server access.

c. No change to Logical Systems, RFC destinations will be tolerated

d. No system failure actions will be tolerated, as destructive ABAP code, Client deletion or any other actions that can lead to systems instability of permanent failure. Any destructive activities will and can result in Penalties.

e. Amount of data to be transferred within systems is limited to 30 000 records.

I understand that in case of violation of the rules mentioned in # 8, my account will be disconnected and no money refunded

Basis Support services is limited to the BASIS component of any system. We do not solve any IMG (Configuration) issues within Personal BASIS Services. We do not provide any desktop support. We do not provide any kind of training or any tips/tricks for any system. Any requests to be performed by us outside of the BASIS components would be charged as an additional fee based on our standard rate. Any additional work should be pre-approved and pre-paid. Accounts due to expire get expired in the Morning EST of the day of expiration., I agree that all technical support is provided via the 24/7 ticket system at the web site. I will provide complete illustrated steps how to reproduce the problem in order to assist technical support team to resolve issue in timely manner. You have to reply within 24 hours otherwise ticket will be closed by technical support team.

I agree that my account will be canceled with no money refunded in case of abuse of the tech support personnel. Being disrespectful will not be tolerated. Have respect to their guidance.

I agree that SAP ALLCEESS does not provide any one-on-one training related to the issues on my PC, including SAP GUI installation issues. All our plans can be purchased in the dimensions of 30. If you wish to continue for the next 30 days, please email at least 1 week in advance., I agree that we might refresh IDES in case of any technical emergencies, SAP ALLACCESS would not be responsible for any Data Loss.